I think I am the first to try the new Vietnamese menu. Absolutely wonderful. Excellent staff. Fabulous flavours. Thank you

Mary Baker

The lunch was so friendly with everyone sitting in a circle enjoying the simply beautiful food. The chef was a delight and handled the 'circle' with great care. Everyone has rung since with mention about the food. Thank you for that - it is quite exceptional.
Thanks Vicki, made my day easy!

Megan Heaney

Thank you for such a wonderful experience last week. Vietnamese food is my new favourite! Loved the staff uniforms, they looked so smart and fresh. Fresh, fresh food beautifully cooked. 

Margaret Sinclair

Vietnamese at Your Place rocks!!!!

John Dalton

After having Yum Cha at Your Place at my place several times I just had to try Vietnamese at Your Place. Now I don't know which to have next time. Both so good and the staff are remarkable. Thanks.

Sinclair Lewis

The food and girls today were fantastic thank you. My kitchen I'm sure was cleaner when they left than when they arrived. All the guests were impressed too which is an added bonus.

Fiona James


The Original And The Best

In 2000 we launched Yum Cha at Your Place and in 2009, Indian at Your Place. Now, in our 13th year of business, Vietnamese at Your Place is launched.

Following on our ethos of presenting these wonderful cuisines in a different light, we once again feature cocktail style food – Vietnamese style.

Why have your food delivered pre-cooked and in plastic containers when we come to you, cook it fresh and serve it as it should be - beautifully!

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